Children spend hours daily on various devices, from phones to tablets to computers; why not make that time more productive, educational, and beneficial for them?!

Are you worried about the impact this amount of screen time might be having on your child, and not sure what to do about it?

Technology has become an essential part of our lives, and it’s not going anywhere. Yet, schools are lacking resources to teach kids how to use technology in a meaningful way.


Learning the basics of computer programing at a young age can give your child an advantage as they navigate through middle school, high school, and college.  Computer science teaches children to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, to work cooperatively, and to analyze situations closely.  This can be an asset in other subjects such as math, English Language Arts, and the Sciences.  Developing an interest in programming now can also open up a multitude of opportunities for lucrative careers as they grow up and starting early will help your child to focus their education on this topic. 

Computer Education for your kids!!!

Our computer programming course for elementary school children will present the skills in a child-friendly format with fun characters and easy to understand language.  Your child will think he/she is playing, but they will actually be training their brains to think in new ways through The Game of Programming!

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